dott - Do One Thing Today

Achieve better health by tweaking your lifestyle in 2016 with UK Registered Dietitian Felicity Lyons.

dott is an app packed with simple strategies to help you improve your diet, your activity levels, and your weight. Combine all these and enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Felicity Lyons is a clinical and academic dietitian, skilled in the art of helping people change. Her bite sized healthy living actions will move you towards better health before you know it. Every day you have one simple thing to do. It couldn't be any easier!

The 2016 dott app is designed to deliver 7 simple actions to your phone every Sunday. Each action is clear and useful.

At the beginning of the year you receive a starter week of actions to achieve. Then every Sunday you receive another week's worth. By the end of 2016 you will have 365 actions promoting a healthier and more contented you.

dott makes living your healthy lifestyle fun and simple.

Use dott to help you achieve your health goals for 2016.

You can work your way through dott day-by-day. You can dip in and out of dott when you feel like trying something new. Or you can choose some of the super easy dott healthy living actions, and absorb them into your daily routine.

So DO ONE THING TODAY and download dott.

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